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      NanoSmart: Redefining the Mobile Phone
      NanoSmart is an innovative mini trendy GSM phone that integrated with a Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth Dialer, as well as smart watch technology. This new technology allows users to sync the NanoSmart with a Android smart phone’s for new Gmail notification, Google calendar events, call history, phonebook, as well as sent and received SMS messages. Leave the large, burdensome smart phone in your bag or at home when traveling light.
      The NanoSmart is not only a mini GSM mobile phone that can be used with any standard SIM card, without having to subscribe to a contract. For those who travel a lot or have more than one SIM card, the NanoSmart functions as a great backup. Avoid buying another large, weighty phone or fumbling around with multiple SIM cards. Start taking advantage of the NanoSmart’s tiny size, powerful functions, and colorful appeal.
      The NanoSmart can sync with smart phone, downloading phonebook and call history (iOS 4.0+ and Android 2.3+) to NanoSmart. When using Android 2.3+ OS, download and install the WiMe NanoSmart APK on the Android device and the NanoSmart will sync with the Android device (Google calendar events, new Gmail notification, call history, phonebook, sent/received SMS).
      Style this magical cube however desired, whether that’s wearing it as a watch, hanging it around the neck, hooking it to a keychain, or simply clipping it to clothes, the NanoWatch can be a versatile accessory for anyone.
      With its embedded stereo music chip, the NanoSmart provides stereo MP3 sound, allowing users to enjoy high-quality sound.
      Listening to music from FM radio is another good way to relax the soul. Plug in an earphone and start listening with the NanoPhone.
      NanoSmart acts as a Bluetooth headset and dialer, and can pair with most Bluetooth devices, functioning as a wireless Bluetooth headset.
      Misplaced a smart phone around the house, forgot it at a restaurant, or worried of theft? NanoSmart can also function as a Bluetooth dialer that uses the NanoSmart technology to dial the linked smart phone as long as the Bluetooth connection has been made.
      NanoSmart is a small GSM mobile phone that you can use any standard SIM card without contract. You can drop those brick smart phone and enjoy NanoSmart’s tiny size and colorful outlooks. If you have 2 SIM cards, NanoSmart is the best option to be your backup mobile phone.
      NanoSmart can sync with your smart phone to download phonebook and call history (iOS 4.0+ and Android 2.3+) to NanoSmart. For Android 2.3+ OS, you can download and install our WiMe NanoSmart APK on your Android device, NanoSmart will sync with your Android device of Gmail, Call history, phonebook, even receive and send SMS. All you should do is leaving the brick smart phone in your pocket or bag, NanoSmart will notify you everything you should know without carrying a smart phone on hand all the day.
      NanoSmart is a Bluetooth headset that can pair with most of the Bluetooth device to be a wireless Bluetooth headset.
      NanoSmart is a Bluetooth dialer that you can use NanoSmart to dial your smart phone once got Bluetooth paired.
      NanoSmart can be worn on your wrist as a WATCH. There are 5 different kinds of watch interface for your selection by different mode. Moreover, you can hang NanoSmart on your neck, hock on your keychain, or just simply click on your shirt.
      With music chip embedded, NanoSmart is your best partner to enjoy high quality stereo MP3 music.
      FM radio is another good way to relax your soul, by plug in an earphone, you can use NanoSmart to listen to FM Radio.
      Lost your smart phone on the desk? in the bar? Worry to be taken by a thief? NanoSmart will alert you if your paired smart phone is away.
      Phone features
      Phone features
      Bar phone with touch panel
      GSM/GPRS Quad Band:GSM 850/900/DCS 1800/PCS 1900 MHZ
      LCD Size
      1.54 inch (diagonal) Touch Display 240*240 pixel High Resolution LCD at 220.4 pixels per inch
      Capacity (Memory)
      256 Mb ROM+4 GB internal T-Flash card
      Support external memory
      Not Support
      One standard SIM card
      Touch screen
      Resistant Type TP
      Talking time
      Approx. 4 hours.
      Standby time
      Approx. 120 hours
      Battery capacity
      300 mAh Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
      Video features
      Video format
      Photo format
      Sound features
      YES, stereo music performance by codec
      FM Radio
      Voice recorder
      Ring tone
      64 tones/MP3/wav/amr/midi
      Bluetooth Headset
      Bluetooth Dialer
      Anti-Lost function
      Smart phone Sync
      YES, sync Phonebook, Call history
      Smart phone message notification
      YES, notification for new Gmail, Google calander, SMS, and other applications (Support Android 2.3+ platform, need Android APK)
      Watch Interface Feature
      FM Radio
      Phone book
      Message format
      SMS, MMS
      USB connection
      micro 5pin USB, USB 1.1
      FM Radio
      Bluetooth 2.1
      Audio processor